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Whatever your water concerns may be,
we can certainly find a solution that is economical and environmentally friendly!


Culligancarries a full line of water softeners, whole house water filters,
and drinking water systems to accommodate any homeowner’s needs and budget.


Culligan Water Cooler

Superior filtered water ready for drinking or cooking. Find out how a CULLIGAN WATER COOLER can make your water experience simple.

Culligan Bottle-less Cooler

Bottle-quality filtered water, without the inconvenience of lugging and storing bottles. Find out how a CULLIGAN BOTTLE-LESS COOLER can benefit you!

Culligan Drinking Water System

Providing exceptional drinking water while eliminating contaminants and impurities. Find out how a CULLIGAN DRINKING WATER SYSTEM can make your water experience effortless.

Culligan Whole Home System

Better water from every faucet. Find out how a CULLIGAN WHOLE HOME SYSTEM can minimize your housework!

Culligan Water Softener

Hard water is the most frequent water problem we face in the United States. Find out how a CULLIGAN WATER SOFTENER can make your life easier.

Culligan Commercial & Residential

Develop the best water treatment solution for your business. Find out how CULLIGAN COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL can save you time and money!


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Don’t ever worry about running
out of salt, or hauling around those heavy bottles.
DELIVERY can make your life painless.