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Culligan has a full line of water softeners, whole house water filters, and drinking water systems to accommodate any homeowner’s needs and budget. Whatever your water concerns may be, we can certainly find a solution that is economical and environmentally friendly.

Culligan Water Softeners:

Discover the difference a Culligan Water Softener makes. From the shower to your laundry room, nothing transforms your water quite like a Culligan Water Softener. With over 75 years of experience in water treatment, Culligan water softeners set the standard in water treatment technology. Our entire line of state-of-the-art water softeners feature innovative, patented technology, and the professional in-home installation and service that you will only find from Culligan.

Our softener line includes:

  • Culligan Medallist Series
  • Culligan Gold Series
  • Culligan High Efficiency Water Softener
  • Softener Cleer Plus

HE Benefits: 

-Reduces operating costs up to 40%

-Remote by-pass valve

-Real time status updates

-Interactive remote control

Do you dread turning on the tap and facing that rotten egg smell? 

Have you had enough of rust stains or black spots on your laundry and fixtures? 

If you answered yes, you can do something about it. 

Culligan's High Efficiency Water Softener Cleer Plus will do ALL of the following: 

-Reduces rotten egg smell

-Reduces unpleasant taste and odor

-Removes hardness

-Prevents pipe damage from deposit build up

-Reduces iron reducing and sulfur reducing bacteria

HE Benefits

Culligan Whole House Water Filters:
A Culligan Whole-House Water Filter can make a difference in your home. Nothing transforms your home's water quite like a Culligan Whole House Water Filter. A Culligan water filter can eliminate blue-green stains, iron stains, and rotten-egg smell in your home. With a simple filtration installation by your Culligan man, you'll see and taste the difference throughout your whole house right away!

Our filter line includes:
  • Culligan High Efficiency Series Whole House Filter
  • Culligan High Efficiency Sulfur-Cleer Whole House Filter
  • Culligan High Efficiency Iron-Cleer Whole House Filter
  • Culligan High Efficiency Water Conditioning
  • Culligan Gold Series
  • Culligan Medallist Series
  • Culligan Iron-Cleer Filter
  • Culligan Sulfur-Cleer Filter

Drinking Water Systems:

Reverse Osmosis
Our water treatment and conditioning company uses reverse-osmosis systems in a variety of commercial and industrial applications to significantly reduce the levels of dissolved minerals, colloids, particles, organics, and silica in water.

Water quality can differ across regions, or even different homes and offices in the same town. That is why we developed Culligan Aqua-Cleer® water filtration. With 14 interchangeable filters, we can customize the right solution specific to your water type.

With Advanced Drinking Water System, every glass is perfectly calibrated just for you. There are several stages of water filtration to allow for complete customization:
• Sediment Filters Screen out Large Particles, Such as Sand & Dirt• Carbon Filters Improve Water's Taste & Eliminates Odors
• Reverse-Osmosis Filters Reduce Dissolved Substances, Such as Radium, Lead, & Arsenic 5
• Optional Specialty Filters Are Available to Protect Against Specific Contaminants, Such as Arsenic 3, Perchlorate, & Volatile Organic Compounds
• A Second Carbon Filter Ensures Your Drinking Water Is Clean & Fresh

Replacement filters and cartridges
The heart of your filtration system is the filter cartridge - the barrier between you and the contaminants that make your water smell or taste unpleasant. Our cartridges capture the tiny, unseen particles so what you're left with is crisp, clean water.


Culligan, Water Image

 Bottleless Water Cooler

With a Culligan Bottle-Free water cooler, you will enjoy great drinking water, hot and cold, at the touch of a button. This eliminates heavy water bottles, and you're able to enjoy hassle free high quality drinking water.  Bottleless water coolers start at  $33.00/month for rentals.

Commercial/Industrial Water Treatment: 

Reverse Osmosis:  Equipment Capable of producing up to 200 G.P.M.

Filters:  Multi-media, Carbon, and Acid Neutralizers

Ultra Violet: Chemical-Free disinfection

Reverse Osmosis

Softeners: Units capable of producing up to 400 G.P.M.

Deionizers: Strong Base, Weak Base, and Mixed bed resins

Chemical Treatment- Ask for details


Contact us to use UV light systems to disinfect your water.


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