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From Hagerstown...

From the first phone call to installation, everything and everyone was so fantastic to work with. Prices are reasonable and were very happy we went with Culligan!

Michelle & Brian S.

Inwood, WV

October 2019

Water Expert
Brad Kegarise
of Hagerstown
explains By-Passing your Culligan Water Softener.

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Holiday Stress

From making a list and checking it twice, there’s a lot to worry about this time of year. Holiday stress management is the key to surviving the chaos. Try out these holiday stress tips to help get a grasp on the madness and fully enjoy the celebrations as they were intended.

You've decided to take the initiative to get your water tested, but what questions are the water experts going to ask? What questions should you ask? Click here to get the scoop!

Everything You Need to Know

How Water Improves Your Overall Health

Have you really thought about the health benefits of drinking water? Not only does water help you stay hydrated throughout the day, it also helps promote healthy hair and healthy skin.

How to Prevent

in Winter

From your face to your feet, dry skin can sneak up on even the most skin-conscious people during the winter.

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Tips to Avoid

Getting Sick During Cold & Flu Season

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