For over 80 years, we’ve been helping your neighbors, friends, maybe even your grandparents, make use of the best water ever. Today, as in 1936, we continue to create innovative water treatment solutions that save you time and money, and provide world-class service.


With our home water systems, everything that involves water – like laundry, showering and cooking – gets better.

Home Owner's
with a

Private Well

              has various

water treatment systems

for well & municipal sources

that’s fits everyone’s budget!

Home Owner's

Municipal Water

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 Diagnose Your Water 

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Better Drinking Water 

Use Culligan’s on-line water test to find the best solution for your water problems, in addition to finding out what water issues

are problematic in your area.

Relieve your water problem concerns and start with a FREE In-Home Water Test, and then discuss what water treatment systems  fit your needs and budget!

Whether your water is supplied by a local municipality or a private well -- EVERYONE can benefit from filtered drinking water. 

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